I Love Pakistan or My Motherland or My Country Pakistan

General Description

Human beings brand to reside in a association like added active things because it is amusing animal. Being a amusing creation, animal lives altered from added active things. They like to accept accomplished family, furnished home, car and advance blessed life. Animal beings seek to reside in accord with their adolescent beings. They adulation the association and country area their ancestors and the humans live. The nation is their ancestors and the country is homeland. Thus, the a lot of able passion, account and adulation of a man takes abode with his country and accustomed object.

Love with Country

I adulation Pakistan because it has accustomed me every this which I have. It is my country, citizenry and its adulation is my claret and soul. This country has accomplished me, fed me and adequate me from all restrictions. It has accustomed me aggregate it has. This is the acreage of my ancestor and who aswell admired it. It is my affiliated citizenry and every inch of its clay is affluent with our diaphoresis and blood. Their cartilage are active here. They accept become a allotment of this land. It is a lot of adored and angelic for me. I adulation it with my affection and soul.

Climates of Pakistan

Pakistan is a allowance of Al Might Allah for us in this apple and its clay of Pakistan is abounding of accustomed resources. Apart from this, Pakistan has four seasons which is a different allowance of Allah i.e. summer, winter, autumn and spring. Climates of Pakistan charcoal actual acceptable all over the year.

Location of Pakistan

Pakistan is not just a section of acreage to me. It is amid in the important and strategically acceptable bend of the world. Pakistan is different in its appearance from all world. It is a baby country but it has the everyman and accomplished places of the world.

Unique Assets

Pakistan is our past, present and our future. It is a new accompaniment in the political faculty but in reality, it is bags of years old Indus basin civilization. It is the land, ablaze and alcazar of Islam. My humans accept lived actuality for centuries. Unfortunately, a adopted nation baffled this fair land. They kept it and its brood chains for abounding years. Its humans had all forth been angry to chargeless their motherland.


The humans and administration of Pakistan accept offered abundant sacrifices for the assertive of this homeland. Every dribble of its dust is black with the claret of our ancestors. We accept paid a abundant amount for it and we all are accessible to pay even greater amount for its freedom, if it is necessary. This is our country and our homeland. It is the fairest of all acreage for us.


Pakistan is a adored and admired allowance of Al Mighty Allah. Presently, it faces abounding challenges in the appearance of terrorism, adopted and centralized challenges. We have to assure it from all blazon of challenges and adulation it by accidental with their harder work, artlessness and honesty.

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